Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft

I have a serious obsession with my local dollar store and all the seasonal arts and craft supplies they put on display. The other day I was sucked into the Valentine’s Day aisle, and somehow, heart-shaped paper doilies and colorful foam hearts jumped right into my basket! I knew my craft-loving kiddo would be more than happy to use the supplies to create her valentines, so I allowed the craft supplies to come home with me. :)The next day, my daughter and I turned our heart-shaped items into cute Valentine’s Day Butterflies. Three dollars for a half hour of toddler entertainment plus Valentine’s Day gifts for grandparents? Not a bad deal if you ask me!
​If you wish to create your own Valentine’s Day Butterfly, here are the how-to’s: Materials: (for one butterfly)

– Three paper heart doilies- two large, one small
– Foam hearts (or any other lightweight decorations for the wings)
– Googly eyes
– Two pipe cleaners
– Pen
– Glue
– TapeInstructions:​1) Glue the two large doily points together (as shown) to make the wings. Draw a mouth on the small heart doily and then glue it to the center of the wings. (I drew the mouth before gluing because I didn’t want the pen point to go through the delicate paper due to the bumps of the wings underneath.)
​2) Glue on the hearts and googly eyes. Allow to dry for 6-8 hours.
​3) Trim the pipe cleaners (I cut about 4″ off), and coil the ends around the tip of your finger to make the antenna. Tape the pipe cleaners to the back of the butterfly.

If your tot fancies painting, I think the butterfly wings would look amazing with some watercolor on them.  Last spring, my daughter painted these simple Doily Butterflies. Red, pink, and/or purple paints would make this Valentine’s Day craft pop with color!

Do you have any other suggestions for decorating the butterfly wings? Share them in the comments!

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